"Cool, so your product does X Y Z...so what?"

Have you ever explained what your product does to a potential customer and was given the response above?

I have and it sucks. Especially if you've spent a good amount of time thinking about the problem and getting the courage to pitch the idea to someone.

If there's one thing I learned in this journey of building software businesses, it's that you want to build a product that has understandable value. You should be able to explain what your product does and your prospect just gets it. They just get the value of it and what's in it for them.

So how do you do that? Practice!

Get Good at actually answering to "So What?" to your product ideas

As you think up problems to solve and ideas to build, you want to challenge yourself and ask "so what?". Chances are, you'll come up with the answers to "so what", or, if you can't you'll learn that the product you're building doesn't have that easily understandable value that you want to target.

For example, for one of the saas ideas on this website, Review Reminder, a dialogue with yourself can go something like this:

"The review reminder app will connect to your store to find orders that were delivered 5 days ago, then it will send an email with the products in the order to ask the customer to leave a review on the listing page"

"Cool, so what?"

"This is so that your customers can leave reviews, hopefully positive ones, that will influence the buying decision of the next customer, which in turn increases your conversion rates and generates more sales"

In this case, the answer to "so what" is "to increase conversion rates and generate more sales". Simple, understandable value.

Try this exercise for product ideas you come up with!

Understandable Value