Reviews are crucial for many businesses.

From e-commerce to restaurants, you tend to do better as a business when you have great reviews that potential customers can see.

Personally, I’ve played in this space. I built a (now somewhat abandoned) review reminder app called ReviewNudge that lives on the Shopify app store.

It works like this: as a store owner, you add the app and schedule when you’d like an email to be sent out to a customer. This is usually X amount of days after order fulfillment or order delivery.

In the email that gets sent, it would be a collection of your products and some boilerplate text that asks the customer to leave a review. This flow is for e-commerce, read on to see a possible flow for physical retail / businesses.

Building an MVP to test the idea

First, I’d pick another avenue to test this idea out. When I built this idea, a lot of coding went into it. Luckily, I was able to get customers.

Something I didn’t do is go to physical businesses like your local cafe — small businesses down the street in your community is a good possible first customer.

Then, you could pitch the idea. Tell them this is an automated way for asking a customer to leave reviews for their business.

Next, I’d go to Zapier and find payment related apps.

In this case, it should be payment related apps that are tailored towards physical businesses – Square comes to mind.

Remember, asking for a review happens a certain amount of time after a purchase. So for you local cafe, it could be a day or a few hours after they've made their purchase.

To do this, you can use Zapier's delay feature.

In an email, you can simply say "Hey, thanks for your visit today! Could you leave us a review?" Something like that.

Another note, with Zapier, you can probably make another Gmail account for the business and set up the entire flow for them. You can charge them then.

That should get you a general idea of if there is a market for this idea, in the physical business world.

Review Reminder

What if you could automatically request customers to leave reviews for products they recently bought?