A few years ago, I connected with a founder in my city. Over the years, we’ve become good friends.

As we started growing the friendship years ago, he invited me out to many events that other founders were hosting. It was during these events that I realized that running events can be a profitable business. And of course, running a business with events meant that your event needs to reach as many people as possible.

Putting myself in the shoes of the event organizer, they would need to post the event in as many group chats, facebook groups, and event platforms as possible.

So I thought, what if there was a way to cross-post your event to multiple platforms in one go?

A product like this would be akin to social media schedulers. The same way a scheduler will post something to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc, the event cross promoter would post the event to the likes of Eventbrite or MeetUp.

Building an MVP to test the idea

To be honest, this is one of those products where dogfooding will be a great way to build and validate. Start a monthly meetup in your area so you can test the waters with your own application.

After you’ve seen that the product itself works the way you want it to, you can start to reach out to other more serious event hosters — the ones who actually sell tickets.

So, in terms of building something, I suggest actually faking it!

Create a landing page, take a subscription through Stripe.

Then, you can create a Google Form or some sort of form for your customers to submit new event details.

Did you get a sale?

Great! In that case, maybe it's time to start thinking about building software for it.

Turns out, Meetup and Eventbrite have APIs you can tap into to create an event. For Meetup, check this GraphQL endpoint which lets you create an event. For Eventbrite, their API endpoint for creating an event is here. (Note these can change, so make sure you search around in case they do)

Events Cross-Promoter

What if you could sell out tickets to your event by posting your event to as many websites as possible in one go?