Here's another space I've played in.

You ever see those captions that appear under Google Meet calls? It's possible to scrape those captions with a Chrome Extension and re-create the meet transcript.

A ton of people use Google Meet, so if you can imagine, there are many reasons why someone would want a copy of a meeting they were in. Maybe they want to keep notes of a user interview, or have a record of the meeting so that they can refer to it later on.

Building an MVP to test the idea

First, you’d need to build a Chrome Extension. Plenty of tutorials out there, so you can use those to get up to speed.

Next, the method for scraping the captions from Google Meet require that you use something called a MutationObserver. You can read more about them here.

It’s a way to monitor changes to the DOM. Whenever a new caption appears on the screen, you can write an algorithm that reads the new data that appeared in the DOM element (usually a <div>)

Check out how this looks on Google Meets below:


Notice how the text for the caption appears in the DOM? You can set an observer on the containing div to track any new change and build out a transcript there.

The good news about this is Chrome Extensions are pretty fast to get on the web store. Approval for them is relatively fast. That way, once you've coded up the MVP, you start marketing and getting customers.

Caption Scraper

What if you could have a full meeting transcript from Google Meet?